The NHS Saved My Life. Oh…. AND I’m on the Telly!

The NHS Saved My Life. Oh…. AND I’m on the Telly!

Update: this blog is here…. Ta-da!

In the ITV Tonight programme about the NHS, be aware that the section on my story is very brief. Just 2 minutes in the middle of the programme, which promises to be very interesting and overwhelmingly positive about the NHS, featuring some incredible stories including Amanda Holden’s brush with death. I was really honoured to be asked to take part in this documentary as without this amazing institution, I would surely have died many times over.

They have included some lovely old clips of my Mum from around that time …. very nostalgic and emotional…

(very briefly!) (for under 2 minutes)

This blog is coming really soon!

Meanwhile, please tune into to ITV1 on 24th May 2018 at 730pm to see me interviewed for a programme called Tonight “The NHS Saved My Life” in which I talk  about my bone marrow transplant, the first successful one in the world from an unrelated donor.–the-nhs-saved-my-life—tonight/

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